Charcoal Deodorizer A1

Let’s try out our eco-friendly and recycle product. It is fragrance & chemical free and non-toxic. It serves functions mainly to remove odour, eliminate unpleasant smell, dehumidify as well as purify air. It is designed in ventilated box where a sachet of the charcoal is put inside, which allows the charcoal completely works. Its design is convenience and space-saving. For optical performance, place the deodorizer sachet under sunlight for 2-3 hours every 30-60 days. It can be rejuvenated the power itself.


  • Superior Air Purifier & Freshener & Dehumidifier
  • Naturally help to remove odour
  • Strong moisture absorber
  • Block radiation
  • Fragrance-free
  • Sun renewable
  • 100% natural, green & chemical-free
  • Safe & Effective
  • Perfect in automotive, wardrobe, drawer, toilet, refrigerator, bedroom, kitchen, restroom or shoes cabinet
  • Function also to eliminate paint smell