Mangrove Charcoal

Mangrove Charcoal is sourced from the extensive planting of Mangrove tree (as known as Bakau Minyak) in Perak, Malaysia. This tree species is mainly used for making charcoal because it is good for the purpose among the trees in Malaysia. Mangrove charcoal carbonization is quite long, it is used only the stem of the tree, first peel and place vertically in a closed kiln smoke for 24 days, after about 10 days to be cooled and take out the mangrove charcoal from the kiln. In Malaysia, mangrove is predominantly used in food industries for grill or barbecue purpose,especially hawkers’first choice who make the “satay” stick.

  • Good quality charcoal
  • Burns longer
  • Ignite easily
  • Produce less smoke
  • Also can use as “black gold” for feng shui purpose
  • Mangrove charcoal also used as detoxifying agent in some traditional  medicine