Greenlink Biotech Firestarter

Our Greenlink Biotech Firestarter is nature’s best kindling ever! It’s made by eco-friendly materials, such as wood sawdust and vegetable-based wax which make it highly flammable. There is no chemical added so it won’t flavour food when using. You shall no longer use lighter fluids or gasoline which they has chemical content that would harm our health and environment. Unlike regular matches, it can stay burning many times longer. To keep its best efficacy, please store firestarter under a room temperature to ensure its ideal usage.

  • Easily light out
  • Big flame
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Safe for use, no harmful chemicals
  • 40 pieces per box
  • Ideal for charcoal barbecues, chimeneas, fire pits, fireplaces, barbecue grills / smokers, campfires and wood stoves